Will thicker oil help piston slap

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The recommended oil is 10W30 for most Australian conditions and I wouldn't want to go any thicker for the oil. You may be reducing the noise and having greater peace of mind, but you could also unknowingly be putting extra wear on your engine. Also, there has been some discussion over on the Aurion boards. Piston Slap in Aurion. Rattle in start up

Sep 07, 2004 · Hey guys me again, this same guy here is also saying stuff about the LS1 and how it has piston slap and stuff. Now i have been to www.pistonslap.com and to me it looks like they are just a bunch of Chevy haters because they bought a car witha defective engine. Now not every car is perfect. He also thinks his 4.6 GT can beat a stock SS!
Jul 03, 2014 · Consider piston is loose in bore due to skirt wear, clearance is off by a few thousands enough to cause piston slap. So imagine bore clearance should be .0035 and it is maybe a larger.007, so piston needs to be .0035 wider on the skirt to fit the bore. How about getting a steel pipe act as a press which fits into inside of piston.
    1. Piston slap is the rocking of the piston in the cylinder (as opposed the desired movement of the piston up and down the cylinder). It happens when there is "too much" room for the piston in the cylinder and the skirt of the piston hits the cylinder wall. Like this: It can be a design flaw, and it is also exacerbated by wear over time.
    2. Aug 01, 2015 · How much thicker to shut it up is the tricky part , going thicker reduces mpg , so the least increase in viscosity to job done is best . The mm2 /s viscosity measurement is equal to water . The next thicker VW oil - Quantum Platinum 502.00 505.00 505.01 which is a 5W40 , at 100°C there is just 1 unit in it - the thickness of water but at 40°C ...
    3. Excessive piston slap can cause damage to the piston and weaken the skirts. It's important to check piston-to-wall clearance when installing a new piston to ensure a long operating life. 2-Stroke pistons fitted with skirt coatings also help reduce friction and operating noise.
    4. Stethoscopes help you locate the source of engine noise quickly. A trained technician will listen for trouble by tracing the sound of flowing water, oil, gas or steam, allowing him or her to identify piston slap, worn gears, faulty valves, water pump failure, damaged gaskets and/or defective bearings.
    5. Only number four looks bad, and it didn't have piston slap (that I heard) until after a 10 second pull. After that the knock was very evident. The tops of the pistons all look identical, and the spark plugs all look identical except a little oil now on number four.
    6. It's a little bit thicker when hot than 5w30 which might help to protect slightly better but might reduce economy slightly. The 0w compared to 5w should mean better protection when cold due to the oil being thinner and easier to pump. That might help to protect when cold and reduce piston slap or at least stop it getting any worse.
    7. piston friction force, slap motion and oil consumption have been measured. As a result, it has been verified that the supply of a small amount of oil (6mL/min) to the piston skirt reduces about 50 % of the block vibration caused by the piston slap motion in idling operation, and about 20 % of the piston friction loss in full load operation.
    8. Mar 10, 2020 · Thicker oil will increase oil pressure but will reduce the volume moving through the engine, kind of like putting your finger over the end of a garden hose. I always only use the oil weight suggested by the manufacturer. If it's broke oil won't fix it.
    9. Aug 14, 2018 · Piston Slap and Ticking Noise Complaints ∞. The Nu engine has an infamous engine tick that is consistent with something known as piston slap. That happens when the piston head isn’t properly secured, allowing the piston to rotate and slap against the cylinder wall.
    If piston slap is there hot then a thicker oil is unlikely to help much. In the old days piston slap used to be stopped by either shot blasting the inside of the skirt or using a machine that gently hammered the inside of the skirt to expand the skirt. The other option if available is an oversize reverse and new...
Oct 31, 2015 · Were you able to find out what the engine noise was caused by? and how is the 14? My 15 has a loud piston slap noise till it reaches operating temp.And protocol at the dealership is piston slap is characteristic of the toyopta 4.0 motor.? I have owned a couple of tacomas and 4runners with the 4.0 no cold start knocks or piston slap.

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I have used Pennzoil Platinum 10W-30 in my '02 5.7 Camaro for 10 years, great oil until I used the new version made from natural gas. Used very little oil and quiet engine with old Platinum. Upon changing to new natural gas derived Platinum 10W-30, knocking (piston slap?) occurs until engine is completely warmed up.

May 09, 2019 · So why are you convinced there is piston slap and not a lazy or out of adjustment valve. Using too thick a grade of oil can have a bigger detrimental effect by reducing oil flow to critical areas, making the pump work harder and when cold the engine harder to turn over. If it is going in on the 28th then probably not that many more miles on it.

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